The Blackhawks seriously make me HAPPY!

They fought and fought and fought through overtime and another overtime and another one and THEY WON! I came home thinking I was only going to catch the end of the game and go to bed. But it’s 2:22AM and Ive been blessed to watch the last 3 OTs to watch my boys pull out a MAJOR WIN! 

Thank you Brent Seabrook! Thank you Chicago Blackhawks! And thank you NBC Sports Network for bringing a piece of home to my living room in Boston!

Cue the Chelsea Dagger!

Let the Hunger, er Hockey, Games begin

Throwback Bruins

Throwback Bruins

Let the Hockey Games begins! The postseason barely started and there’s been so much activity on and off the ice. First there was the Bruins major announcement of GM Peter Chiarelli’s departure. I asked a friend the other day “Who do you think’s gonna go first: Chiarelli or Julien?” And he said plainly “Chiarelli.” Me, I was stumped. It could’ve been either or. But my friend was right. And now that I think about it, it should’ve been Chiarelli (as it was).

Remember that Tyler Seguin trade?! I NEVER agreed with that move. Yes the kid was wild off the ice but on it he got the job down. During his rookie season he helped the Bruins get to the Stanley Cup. And the following year he had a plus-minus of +34! That’s ri-donk-culous. Continue reading

What a Day in Sports



What a day in sports!

Bruins win, Badgers win, Bulls win and the Revs finally get on board, thanks to Kelyn Rowe. Funny enough, of the teams mentioned I’m not a fan of the first two. Don’t get me wrong, I like them. The Bruins fill my wallet and I almost studied journalism at U-Dub. But Im just not fanatical about either. Nonetheless, I love a good win. I want to see the Bruins in the postseason and the Badgers win it all.

All in all, awesome sauce day in sports.

(There was another win too but I won’t mention them because they get enough coverage … {cough, cough} … UK).