Runner’s Random Musings

April 6: No matter what mood you’re in when you run, listening to Earth Wind & Fire will always perk you up. Can’t listen to Lets Groove and not SMILE.

April 21: Beautiful weather, bright sun, refreshing breeze but AWFUL shins! I had to stop twice just to massage them and then my feet started tingling! Bad bad run but managed to go 4 miles.

April 28: For the 2nd day in a row, I had the best run in the BEST BREEZE in the best to place to feel that breeze, the Res by BC. Came home feeling great. Then I remembered the Bulls lost last night. I no longer felt great.

May 4: Woke up this morning with sun shining bright. Put on my favorite running outfit. Had my playlist ready to go. Began to do a little stretching before taking off. And then I saw it!!! I saw the one thing I HATE about summer: SPIDERS!!! I actually saw a spider web but that means they’re nearby and I need them not to be. #IDontDoSpiders

May 16: Every summer, every runner has to go through that fateful moment! That dreaded, fateful moment when a teeny tiny fly ever so randomly flies its way up your nose and you spend the last leg of your run ferociously trying to blow it out. Thank you random fly. Thank you.

May 27: Great run today! 5 miles of beautiful weather under a hot sun and clear blue sky … and a gorgeous GORGEOUS Bentley. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these lovely babies. But today was my lucky day. A nice lady let me cross in front of her during my jig jog and all I could do was stare her baby. Thank you kind lady. Thank you.

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