Not to be a party pooper but I don’t do Super Bowl parties

I have a confession to make:

I don’t do Super Bowl Parties!!!

Ahhhh! I can’t stand them and I’m saying this as a sports-fanatical extrovert! Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the game, the chicken wings and the commercials. But I’ve been to dozens of parties and I often find myself in a sea of people who don’t know the game of football. So I end up spending most of my time explaining the game, players, teams, and rules to folks who won’t even care on Monday morning and all I wanna do is watch the game. 

Does anyone feel my pain?!

Football on FieldI have a second confession to make though: last year I watched the Super Bowl alone. And I loved it! Yup, the game where Brady and Belichick rallied from 28-3 to win the title game, I watched alone. It was just me, my TV and Chinese food.

But I think I found the solution … watch the big game with folks you’ve watched sports with in the past. This Super Sunday I’m going to my friends’ place where I’ve watched plenty of games, including the 2016 World Series and part of last year’s NCAA Tournament. There’ll be a small group of us, some good food and definitely no football tutorials.

Yup, that’s my solution from here on out.

Tea Recommendation: Ginger spice or peppermint … to quell an upset stomach should the Eagles lose.

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